New book: Child raising in the 21st Century


Book CoverChildren are the gift of God; bridges and building blocks of for the next generation. Recently, it has been observed that the world is coming together and we are expected to cope-up with the changes and challenges that globalization has brought and will continue to bring. It is important that every parent needs help on "How to raise children in this dynamic environment?" especially as time change.

Many scholars believe it is necessary for children to understand the difference between good and bad at early age from their parents. In so doing this helps them shape their behaviour. Genetics aside, research suggests that a child’s personality is greatly influenced by their environment, family, society, and school etc.

Ethiopian parents, including those abroad, have faced challenges raising their children properly. So, we have prepared a self-help book entitled “Yeljoch Astedadg Bezih Zemen: Tegdadrotochu ena Meftehewocu” which is equivalent to “Parenting These Days: Challenges and Remedies”. This book provides vital information for those who have, or are planning to have children. Please click here to see the content of the book.

Price: £9.99