Welcome to ethioAmharic.com, the home of useful resources for kids and parents. A couple of years ago, we released a multi-lingual DVD which you can use to teach Amharic language as well as the culture and unique heritages of Ethiopia to your kids. Our mission is to help parents raise children who know their roots and identity.

We are now pleased to announce the release of our NEW research-based book for all parents. የልጆች አስተዳደግ በዚህ ዘመን: ተግዳሮቶቹ እና መፍትሔዎቹ – it signed on 18th May in London in the presence of Ethiopian community and scholars. To see the news please click here or to see the signing video please click here

Our Products for you and your children

How do I raise my child in the 21st century?
A research based book for parents in Amharic £9.99

Book CoverEthiopian parents, especially those in diaspora, have faced challenges raising their children properly. So, we have prepared a self-help book entitled "የልጆች አስተዳደግ በዚህ ዘመን: ተግዳሮቶቹ እና መፍትሔዎቹ" (Yeljoch Astedadg Bezih Zemen: Tegdadrotochu ena Meftehewochu) which is equivalent to "Parenting These Days: Challenges and Remedies". The book covers:

  • Development of a child from foetus to adolescence and the role of parents
  • What do you need to do for your child for proper physical and moral growth?
  • What are the challenges of Ethiopian parents living abroad?
  • What is the responsibility of parents in child growth?
  • How can parents use the current technology for their children?
  • What kind of parent are you? Dictatorial, democrat, free or negligence?
  • A test chart for your effectiveness of parenting
  • Many more…

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Multi-lingual DVDs to teach Amharic – for English speaker £11.99

DVD imageOur DVD has been helping kids for 4 years now. It has been first prepared in three European languages a colourful, animated and pictorial teaching aid. It is suitable for children of all ages and learning ability, or indeed for anyone who wants to learn Amharic. The children will learn the language along with the ancient and rich culture and history of Ethiopia. The DVD will help our children to learn Amharic and to know their origin. Our children learn about the heritage and culture through the language and our children will know their identity
In the DVD children will learn:

  • The 33 Amharic letters and with more than 400 words
  • Ethiopian numerics
  • The unique Ethiopian history and heritage
  • Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido – the colourful celebrations throughout the year
  • Ethiopian children games and songs


The Amharic-English DVD is out of stock. The DVD is released free in YouTube

DVD - Pour les francophones £11.99

DVD imageNotre premier produit, le DVD d’apprentissage de l’Amharique est un outil pédagogique animé, coloré et illustré. Il convient aux enfants de tous âges, quelles que soient leurs capacités d’apprentissage, mais aussi à toute personne désireuse d’apprendre l’Amharique.

    Dans ce DVD vous apprendrez :
  • Les 33 caractères amhariques et plus de 400 mots.
  • L’Histoire et l’héritage uniques de l’Éthiopie.
  • Les célébrations annuelles colorées de l’Église Orthodoxe Tewahedo.
  • Les chiffres éthiopiens.
  • Les jeux d’enfants éthiopiens.


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DVD - Für Deutschsprachige £11.99

DVD imageUnser erstes Produkt, die Amharisch-Lern-DVD, ist eine bildreiche, farbenfroh gestaltete, Lehr-DVD. Besonders gut geeignet ist diese DVD für Kinder aller Altersgruppen, aber auch für alle Interessierte, die Amharisch lernen möchten.

    Folgende Lehrinhalte werden geboten:
  • die 33 amharischen Buchstaben und mehr als 400 Wörter
  • ein Einblick in Kultur und Geschichte Äthiopiens
  • die Äthiopisch-orthodoxe Tewahedo Kirche – die bunten Feierlichkeiten im Verlauf des Jahres
  • die Äthiopischen Zahlen
  • Spiele Äthiopischer Kinder


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