Amharic Learning for English Speakers (DVD)


Our first product, the Modern Amharic learning DVD is a colourful, animated and pictorial teaching aid. It is suitable for children of all ages and learning ability, or indeed for anyone who wants to learn Amharic. The children will learn the language along with the ancient and rich culture and history of Ethiopia. The DVD has been designed to capture the imagination of children as they learn. It has more than 400 Amharic words with English, German and French translations. You can play the DVD on your computer or television.

In the DVD you will learn:

  • The 33 Amharic letters and more than 400 words
  • The unique Ethiopian history and heritage
  • Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido – the colourful celebrations throughout the year
  • Ethiopian numbers
  • About Ethiopian children playing

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Price: £11.99