Modern Amharic Learning - Multilingual

Ethiopia uses its own alphabet and numbers for both office work and church services. The main language which uses this alphabet is Amharic. Amharic is the second most-spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic. Many Ethiopian history and church books have been written with this alphabet. This DVD has been prepared to help teach this ancient language to Ethiopian children living abroad, or indeed anyone who is interested in learning Amharic. In addition, the DVD introduces the viewer to the unique heritage of Ethiopia. The DVD is prepared in Amharic with full translations in either English, French or German depending on the version you buy.

Who needs Amharic, and why?

  • Our children will not feel like foreigners in their mother land
  • Our children learn about the heritage and culture through the language
  • In the future, our children will be able to engage in research, business and diplomatic communication for Ethiopia
  • Our children will know their identity
  • If you have adopted a child from Ethiopia, this knowledge will help you teach them about their original culture
  • If you want to work in Ethiopia as a diplomat, international worker or a businessperson, it will facilitate your communication with local people.

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